Posted by: shijesh | August 9, 2011

Download to Excel (XML)

At present APEX provide download to CSV only. If we want to download it to EXCEL , we need to use some reporting tool or we can create our own PL/SQL package.

Here I tried to create a package in PL/SQL which will download the file in XML Spreadsheet 2003 format which will open in MS Excel. It supports formatting. At present I have given option to download the spreadsheet in two different style.

Demo Link :

Soon I will be posting the link to the package.



  1. Dear Shijesh,
    Do have any Idea about how can we upload xls instead of csv..

    • Hi,

      There are several tools available to upload the data from excel to oracle. [Google for third party tool to upload excel to oracle table]
      You can also use the excel macro to upload the data to Oracle table. [Google for excel macro to load data to oracle table]


  2. Hi,
    Do you have the package to create the XML download format?

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